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RF 100 Diver video_grau_icon

Plunging at 45°, milling with extreme metal removal rate: RF 100 Diver

GÜHROSync The best of both systems!

// The GÜHROSync synchro chuck offers all the advantages of hydraulic and synchro chucks in one system!

The GÜHROSync synchro chuck ensures taps are under less strain as it is the only chuck that combines suspension with a long-life metal spring, damping with polymer spring elements and hydraulic clamping technology. This reduces the axial and radial forces when tapping and thread forming

Clamping Systems


cleaner, more efficient –

HPC-milling cutters from Hollfelder-Gühring!

The lightning fast HPC milling cutter, a quantum
leap in PCD milling technology


RT 100 HF

The tough and reliable solid carbide drill for high-tensile materials and special alloys. Tool material, geometry and the new, extremely hard Signum-coating are perfectly matched to withstand the demands of these difficult-to-machine materials.

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